The General Larry Oppenheimer
Marine Corps League of Overland Park KS


  • VAVS
    We are partnering with the MCL Kansas City Det. 766 to support VAVS. If interested in participating, contact Art Peter at 816-331-4622
  • Platoons Forward
    Don't forget to bring things in for the troops at the next meeting. We will get anything collected to the Platoons Forward coordinator to be sent to Marine units overseas.
  • Fallen Marine Program
    This program was instituted to honor Marine Veterans in our area who pass away by holding a brief ceremony at visitation.
  • Marines In Need
    The detachment provides assistance Marine Veterans as well as active duty Marines and their families in times of financial need.

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"Artillery is the King of battle: the King cannot swim, however, which is why we need you guys." - USMC arty specialist to a group of Navy officers in an Amphib Warfare Indoc course